Thursday, April 21, 2011

Time to do the Work!

Time for #the5

It’s time to Do the Work  via @ 
Appropriately, I lead with this one and I am working to complete #the5 before heading to work today!


The Importance of Stories During Interviews  me: yes, indeed, what is your story? are you ready to tell it? 
One school mate would always say; "tell me a story". I gradually became prepared to have one ready anytime. Are you prepare to tell your story?

6 Steps to Expanding Your Network With LinkedIn Company Search  how timely! 
I have my LinkedIn tool kit presentation updated to talk with the Rotary this evening and use for Community Camp on Saturday. I cover this point and they go into a little more detail than I do.

Calling for the Pantry: $20 helps @ feed our neighbor for 1 month  
The Franklin Food Pantry is going to hold its first phon-a-thon next weekend. The communications campaign is kicking off to create awareness of the phone calls being made that weekend.

What gainful employment ‘should’ do for you  me: are you gainfully employed? 
@RosaSay answers this question in her posting. How would you answer this question?

What can you share today?

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