Saturday, April 30, 2011

SOBCon 2011 - Day 1 - Tim Sanders

now for Tim Sanders

we are making an investment in getting better
social media is mean spirited
one simple idea, there is enough to go around
in the moment you share, you are rich

1 feed yourself the right stuff -- be as judicious as to what you put into your mind as to what you put into your mouth

the most expansive thought is validation

when good sound bites are mentioned multiple heads drop to write or type before it runs away
eat the nut, dump the shells

people don’t fail, failure is a thing

2 - take care of your instrument (put the oxygen mask on first)

decision shift - spending more time with screens and constant interruption
new economy depression syndrome NEDS
declare offline zones

night math -

3 - exercise your gratitude muscle
don’t stay in the have to world, live in the get to world

you need to validate the reader

don’t believe you are lucky, that is so disrespectful

don’t hang out with the ‘ings’ hang out with the ‘eds’

4 - want to be rich, give out love
alive in the moment of giving and sharing

prepare yourself for the struggles in life, they will occur

story of Miles

non-profits should have an exit strategy

there needs to be a giving component of everything you do

Timberland ripple story

if not you, who?

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