Friday, April 29, 2011

SOBCon 2011 - Day 1 - Cathy Brooks

Cathy Brooks @cathybrooks
breathing exercise to start her session and bring some center point to the day before we start going into the Internet and loose ourselves

socially oriented pack animals
not just about business, it is about opening your heart
technology can amplify the noise
conversation prism, lens by which we see the world, Brian Solis
Google doesn’t know the difference, so your story needs to be consistent
parable of the blind men and the elephant; each individual is right in their own way but in the aggregate, they are wrong

masterminding on the critical value of congruent story
exercise on looking at three aspects of environment
what is our business
who is our competition
where do we want to go

look at each of these from two perspectives, one from the self and one from the organization
look directly through each of the five senses to describe the self and the organization from the perspective of the sense
does this reveal any opportunities?
these may be avenues for exploration to create the story, to be distinct, to deliver the story and the product/service well

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