Saturday, April 23, 2011

Personal branding - 2nd session notes from Community Camp

My notes from the second session of Community Camp held on Saturday, Apr 23 at RISD.

The seats have cushions in Room 412, yes!

set up your account, go out and listen
pay attention to what others are doing

get into a LinkedIn Group, in medical equipment, go to a buyers group and listen
Glide can understand slang or the context with slang

follow key targeted people within the company and not just the company
keep it social, don’t just send a sales pitch

Dr Sam Lam

Other examples

if you want to be found and recognized, use the same image everywhere
some folks change it far too frequently

for those with visual work, this is a good site to look at

Klout provides a rating for social presence

somewhat controversial - look at Charlie Sheen’s score of 90, how?

JoAnn says “Klout is a mood ring”

Twitter Counter, even the free version gives better info

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