Thursday, April 28, 2011

Clarity should be a guiding principle!

Just enough time for #the5

Good morning! day of work, then travel to  - safe travels to all, see you soon!

Google Voice User Story: A Way with Words  

I do want to explore how to use Voice services to help foster the engagement with readers

Try A Carbon Calculator And Plant Some Trees!  
You can help with Build Day for the Community Gardens if you are in the Franklin area

Should You Dish What You Take?  @ explores the options  
Controlling you reaction is so hard but necessary. Remember rolling in the mud will get you muddy!

Introducing the new Google Docs app for Android  me: adding to my list of things to explore! 
Expanding the use of the smart phone to be more functional is good. Do need to get away from the HTC battery life problem to really make it useful.

The marketplace has evolved. Have you?  "Clarity should be the guiding principle behind every branding effort" 
Yes, life evolves and so should we. We should be clear about what and why we are evolving so others can follow without getting surprised.

What have you learned that you want to share?

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