Friday, April 29, 2011

but I thought about it

Time for #the5 this morning before heading over to #SOBCon

What is SOBCon?
A conference in its fourth year bringing together a great bunch of folks to learn and share together in 'master mind' sessions. 

What does the schedule look like?
 is happening Fri/Sat/Sun schedule here 

Sometimes I need to pinch myself to make sure it is real. So without further ado, what did I find this morning so far?

LA Schools Superintendent and Jamie Oliver Play Nice  me: comes down to relationships 
I caught one show of the new Food Revolution series last week and Jamie was getting stonewalled by the bureaucracy of the LA School Dept. Now with a new guy, he may have turned the corner. What do you take away?  Business is personal, period!

Good morning, Franklin! help build the raised beds for the community gardens - Sign up Form for Build Day!  
The community gardens will be built near the entrance to the King St Fields. Many hands make light work! Are you in for this?

5 Social Media Savvy Nonprofits  me: with my new @ role, on the lookout to learn! 
More to come on this new role bit. You may recall I joined the Board to help with their website, communications, etc. Well, long story short, I have just been elected to the Chairperson position. So I have some more learning to do. I will be spending less time on the live meeting reporting for Franklin Matters, but in my mind, food for those who need it is where it really matters.

Sustainable Food's Biggest Problem: No Definition  me: what is your view on this issue? 
I am still early in my understanding of the sustainable issues around food but buying and growing local seems to be a good thing to do especially with the price of gas continuing to climb. Getting to a definition of the problem will make it easier to share, explain and get some traction with.

Six Is Forever  "Well, no, I didn’t really, but I thought about it" much joy reading this piece by Robert Fulghum 
Peter Pan is one of my heroes so this piece struck me this morning. Robert writes so well!

Well that covers the five I found this morning. I am sure there will be additional ones to share as the day and learning progresses at #SOBCon. I spoke briefly with Tim Sanders last night. He is here to talk today. I can hardly wait.

What can you share today?

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