Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Taking time

Time for #the5 as late as it is today, there is time. 

Patch Tuesday, Etc.  me: on fat Tuesday, patches released, stay current! 
Time to stay current on patches! or else!

Girl Committed Suicide Before a Cam scam gets personal on Facebook  me: avoid the scams 
Time to keep aware of the various scams around the social media sites.

Stolen Photograph: A New Look at An Old Problem  me: yes, interesting, challenging question 
Time to find out about a photo simply taken by one person who has now found it spread world wide as art and being sold, but not with him getting the credit in all cases.

The Single Dumbest Thing a Start-Up Entrepreneur Can Say  "here are three things to understand about competition"
If it sounds too good to be true, maybe it is not true!

Comeupins  "Breath in, breath out, it’ll be okay" 
Indeed some folks try so hard to get somewhere you wonder!

Be Irresistible: 10 Steps to Consistently Develop Highly Viral, High ROI Products   
Stay close to the customer, take time to know them, to work with them, to understand them. Time will pay off in the long run. The water runs under the bridge constantly. Some days more heavily than others. Some days the fall doesn't seem so steep, so much water is coming over, rushing so fast, it just flows. Other days, a marked difference. There the water goes.

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