Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"silence doesn’t mean they don’t have opinions"

How to Turn Lurkers and Listeners into Advocates  "silence doesn’t mean they don’t have opinions" 
Maybe they don't have the proper vehicle for expressing their opinions?

Maybe they need to be enabled?

Maybe they need a little nudge?

Whatever the case, I hope to further expand the contributions from Franklin folks on Franklin Matters. I have managed to recruit some contributors. This week I will be creating a "Voices of Franklin" section that hopefully will be more 'self-service' than hand crafted.

Blogger has a feature to allow an email to post. The feature can post automatically or in draft. I have it enabled to post in draft mode. This way someone can make a submission, it stays in draft and then I can review and schedule it (assuming it meets the editorial guidelines).

This is a step toward meeting two of my three objectives this year. You don't recall what they were? Shame on you! Kidding, of course. My three word goals are "Analogy, bold, conduct"

How are you doing on your three word goals?

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