Friday, March 11, 2011

Does that smell good to you?

Just enough time for #the5 before heading to the office.

Enfield ShopRite Gluten Free Nite (Part 1 of 2)  me: this ideas should have legs and go elsewhere! 

Dr Seuss goes fishing  "There are really a whole lot of fish in the sea. The competition is tough but not impossible"

Attention: job seekers - Community Camp - Apr 23  scholarships available for job seekers   

Simplicity, Complexity and Identity Management  me: nice graphic, worth exploring @ sign-up controversy continues - have your say!  

It is good to see an idea like the gluten free guide to food developed by the market, now if that idea could get picked up by other markets and spread - that would be great!  There are a whole lot of markets out there, not quite as many as fish in the sea but a few. How you meet and greet is important. The next person you meet may be the one to provide that bit of info you really need to land a great position.

Community Camp is coming to Providence, RI on Apr 23. This will be a great opportunity for networking, learning and sharing. Ideas like simplicity and complexity can drive good conversations. How simple is your pitch? How complex is your approach? A new website goes to one extreme (simple) and in doing so is creating controversy by not being explicit about what they do. They simply ask you to sign up. Hmmm. Does that smell good to you?

What can you share?

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