Thursday, March 17, 2011

Delivers Projects On Time Customer Delighted

Time for #the5 this St Patrick's Day.

Announcing Google For Nonprofits!  me: already on the road to communications with Google tools 4 @ 
Yes, the Food Pantry website re-design is progressing well. Now I can also explore what this announcement will add to the tool set that we can use.

What's ? a quick primer on what it is and how easy you can do it too!  thx to @ for idea 
If you haven't heard of #the5 and wondered what it is, this is a quick primer on how it got started by Christopher S Penn.

Five Questions The Revolution Must Answer in 2011 me:  will have a good season with good answers! 
The new MLS soccer season is upon us. The Revs open on the road (as usual) in LA this weekend. These five questions are going to be key to how the season progresses. Assuming they find good answers, the season will be good.

What to Name Your Resume File  me: in a digital world, take advantage of a good file name for your resume! 
Sounds odd but consider that the file name is a space where you can add a mark of distinction to your resume. I considered this and picked up the tip during the middle of 2009. Since then my resumes have all had something of the company name being applied to, the date, and the tag line "DeliversProjectsOnTimeCustomerDelighted" which is a key part of my value add.

(My race shirt from Pawtucket's Irish 5K. I get a new shirt at the Providence St Pat's 5K on Saturday)
10 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your LinkedIn Account  me: nothing compelling there for now 
I find these articles from time to time but I also find that there still is no compelling argument for me to upgrade. What do you think? Have you upgraded? Why? Is it worth it?

How To Sleep Like A Baby During Job Search me: a bonus for , but proper sleep is very important to a good life!
And a bonus link today! Maybe the extra St Pat's link will be the lucky one for you!

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