Friday, March 04, 2011

5 for Friday - farm land

Good morning, time for #the5

Do you want to make a point, or make some change?  "Change is about negotiating and inspiring new behavior" 
One aspect of conversation I like to model is remaining calm, focusing on the topic and avoiding antagonistic comments. Hard to do in this media aware environment where whoever gets the last word seems to win. Do they really? Is it the last word that matters or the lasting word? The word that will raise an issue to some conscious level of thoughtful discussion - after the initial conversation.

Five Free Tools for Social Media Listening (And How to Start Responding)  "It’s all about relationship building" 
Free has a good starting point for return on investment (ROI). Don't forget to include your time, time of course is the one currency that once spent can not be retrieved, returned or reused.

A Tale of Two Communities Part II –  "Open Community Means Participant Defined Engagement" 
As the Food Pantry prepares its new website, Facebook page, perhaps even a wiki for food recipes, we want to enable engagement on the level that you want to commit to. You can contribute time (by volunteering), money via online donation (or US Postal mail), or a recipe or modification to one, or by sharing the word about the good works of the Food Pantry. There are so many ways to help. We want to welcome your help not hinder it.

Thanks to Readers of Your Small Kitchen Garden  me: the photos remind me of Central PA farmland 
I like the concept of sharing the thanks for the comments in this posting. Of course what also caught my eye was the recognition that the photos could have been ones I took when visiting friends in Central PA. Not all farms are alike but many aspects of them are the same. The rolling hills in particular are I think on of the catch points in this posting. Central PA may not be the only location with this type of geography.

Dr Seuss, a nerd? Well, he is actually credited with being the first one to write the word "nerd" -  
How about that? Dr Seuss a nerd. Was surprised to find that out as I did the research for the post when inspired by Dr Seuss's works and how they could be used for the job search. The word gymnastics I normally associated with Dr Seuss should have clued me into what he would come up with.

Do you have a first? Have you made good use of it in your profile or resume? Like farm land lying fallow, you need to be prepared to plant good info so it can be found and nurtured in the right atmosphere.

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