Friday, February 11, 2011

Tilting at windmills

Good morning, time for #the5

Improving Efforts to Help Unemployed Americans Find Jobs  me: i disagree, I think this is a structural problem 
I think the fact that the Fortune 500 is not going to be the growth engine that will bring us out of the recession, that the small and medium businesses will provide the growth should be considered a "structural" problem. There are too many shifts going on to consider otherwise. But hey, he is the specialist, I just observe and report on what I see.

Staying On Don Quixote’s Horse  me:belief in the impossible can create great things, go @!  
Go Terry! Don Quixote is one of my heroes. Belief in oneself, even belief in the impossible is possible and will make things happen. You do have to believe and be consistent in that belief, but hey, the world's your stage now!

Can you fail with The Daily Five Minutes? "essentially a private, one-on-one conversation" goodness from @ 
Now that I am back in the saddle and leading a group, the daily five minutes is returning to my routine. I do endorse this. It brings so much goodness it should not be left out of your day.

The Surprising Reason You Lost That Last Sale "it’s the ‘soft’ credentials that are the tie-breakers" 
The soft credentials, the relationship you have built over time... a surprise? It shouldn't be.

How To Create and Optimize a Facebook Content Strategy – Advice from Alison Zarrella   @ @
As I continue to work on the Franklin Food Pantry website revision and include Facebook in our overall scheme, this should be a good source of info to help the planning.

The daily five minutes is a personal conversation, #the5 on Twitter can enable a conversation also. Both build relationships, the relationships that are so important because they provide the "soft credentials" noted above that can make or break the deal. It comes back to planning, planning to succeed. It comes back to dreaming, daring to dream the impossible. What windmill are you going to tilt at today?

What have you learned that you can share?