Friday, February 18, 2011

Saving time

Good morning! Happy Friday to you. unusually warm here in New England today, but no worry, winter returns overnight Enjoy #the5 as we cruise today

Get Your Hands Dirty and Change Something.  "Before change can be managed, it has to be sparked" 
Doing something is good. Doing good for something that matters is better yet.

Tips for Shooting A Winning Video For Your Nonprofit  me: possible to do for @ 
I'll put this in the listing of posts to return to when the time comes. I am more comfortable with audio and need to start making the switch to video but there is this huge time commitment involved.

RT @ Who Is Your Audience  me: quick survey of his readership underway, good sample Q's 
Content that matters will create a conversation and build your community, or audience. Community is different in my use as I would refer to those as the more engaged within the broader audience.

Marketing starts with audience  "the first hurdle of finding people to join your audience" @ has 1 for 
The broader audience is where you can start and find the committed by getting some to engage.

How I blog with Evernote  me: practical how to from @. Yes, I can do that! 
As time is a precious thing, I am looking for ways to be more efficient about what I do and this brief video may help.

How do you save time?