Thursday, February 10, 2011


Good morning, time for #the5.

Yes, there is time this morning. I have struggled with the new routine. New? Sorta. The contract role shifting to the full time role does have different responsibilities, different time commitments. The weather and other daily life factors require juggling on a regular basis so what has fallen out from time to time this week has been writing here. Hopefully, I'll get into a smooth rhythm and not skip a day (or two)!

new journeys.  "the shortest distance between three people is a story" goodness from @ 
Found I hadn't caught up to Patti Digh recently and also found she has a couple of new writing adventures underway. The "Becoming Bendy" is a simple exploration in becoming more healthy via exercise and better food. She caught me for sure with the line quoted above where she has another blog sharing three pictures from three people daily. Very nice!

LinkedIn Tip: The New “Skills” Feature  "the real “crown jewel” of this new feature" 
Matt Youngquist explores the new Skills feature which I shared via Twitter earlier this week. I like his line of thought in checking out the list of suggested key words. That could indeed be the real crown jewel in this feature. Take some time and check it out. I know I will.

Revealing Questions to Ask in a Job Interview  me: good questions to add to your tool box!  
I lead a great and intimate discussion on interview questions at the recent PodCamp WesternMA. Intimate as there were four of us, yes, a small number but a great conversation. A couple of these questions did come up during the conversation about making the interview a two-way exchange!

Lessons for College Grads  me: good info, includes a brief video from @  
Jocelyn is scheduled to graduate in May (as is my own youngest daughter). She participated in #PCWM so that shows she has the initiative to make her mark with a good company.

Swollen In-Box? Consider The Nuclear Option  me: or consider bit literacy from @ 
Tim blew up his inbox so he would be a good candidate for Mark Hurst's Bit Literacy. A short but insightful box on how to really manage your bits.

Everyday is a new journey through life and its challenges, big and little. How will you face them? How will you learn and share what you have learned? How will you improve your literacy?

All good questions!
What are your answers?