Sunday, February 20, 2011

Feb 19, 1945

I had a glorious morning yesterday, meeting with Michelle Clay and Anne Marie Bellavance at the Franklin Food Pantry. Michelle has volunteered to pull together a cook book of healthy recipes for the Food Pantry. She is enjoying the exercise, trying new recipes, exploring how to best do this for the Food Pantry. She wrote up her version of our meeting yesterday. While she was giddy, I am still dancing with joy!

Frank Moody, my brother-in-law, took Dad to lunch with a bunch of Frank's police friends. Many of them are Marines like Dad and yesterday was not just a Saturday lunch, yesterday was also the 66th anniversary of the landing on Iwo Jima. Frank wrote about the lunch and conversation to share Jerry's Story, in particular:
Yesterday was typical with Matt Wolf of INFORCE tactical lights showing A US ARMY SPECIAL FORCES SERGEANT a new tactical light. Jerry was duly impressed. He listened with rapt attention. I asked him what kind of light he used hunting in the caves on Iwo?
"oh sunlight.". 
Followed by the trade mark grin and laugh. The SF sergeant who has been back and forth to Iraq and A-Stan on numerous expeditions gave me a knowing look. It is the glance and acknowledgement of reverence from one professional to another about Jerry and those guys like him. They are described as Rock Stars. Truly.

I consider myself so lucky!