Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Deja Brew - six kettles

The Band of Brewers met at DejaBrew for a six-kettle brew night on Monday.

The bulk of the work is in weighing the grain, grinding the grain, weighting out the malts and hops, then waiting to add each as the wort cooks.

The collection of hops in the refrigerator

We'll be back to bottle on Valentine's Day, Feb 14th so it was appropriate to do at least one red. The "Balanced Rock Red Ale" is shown cooking above.

When we cap our bottles, we use a simple letter or two to indicate the contents. The letter code is what is published here for those who forget what we bottled. "What was 'R' last time? - Oh, yea, Rusty Anchor!"

When all is added in time, then the wort is allowed to rest before being drawn off via the cold filter apparatus pictured to the right of the kettle here. Lots of conversation going on during this time. Oh there is good pizza two doors down and maybe a brew or two to share and sample!

When we leave, the plastic tubs are all lined up, pressure release values to monitor the gravity and fermentation process.  We'll return to bottle "Balanced Rock Red Ale", "Stunner", "Baltic Porter", "Red Rock Bock", "Sammie's Octoberfest", and "O'Malley's Irish Stout".

See you in a couple of weeks!