Friday, February 04, 2011

Arriving at Lessons of the Geese

Good morning, time for #the5

Managers: Promote a Culture of Asking  "What is it that YOU need to do to make the atmosphere more conducive" 
@rosasay has a god article about asking questions. I find the key is not just asking the right question but asking it in the right way. It needs to be non-threatening. It needs to be open. It needs to be welcoming. The more it is like this, the more easily will there be a response, and the better the response will be.

PwC Hosts Personal Brand Week for Career-Minded Students  Plenty of tips and worksheets available 
Via @alevit  there is a host of good info and worksheets posted on the PwC website to use for the virtual event that takes place next week. Target to students who could be interns, there is no reason why you couldn't use these tools!

It takes a village – not a cliche  "understand it is not a race but a challenge" hurray for @
via @leanneclc. I have to agree that teamwork is a great thing. Building trust and cooperation amongst the members of the team is critical to the overall success of the group. At Job Search Jam Sessions we talk about the Lessons of the Geese for this reason

Introducing LinkedIn Skills  me: another extension of the data being captured for good purposes 
LinkedIn, like other social networking sites, captures a lot of data about individuals willing to share. Using this data to help further the understanding and networking and learning amongst that group by those interested in the special areas defined, is great. 

Case study: Fast-growing B2B expands social media exposure  "social takes time" and yes, it should! 
Social media can be compared to the dating game. If you are out for one night stands, a quickie here and there, then you don't need to spend much time on it. If you want to build a sustaining two-way relationship, yes, definitely, don't kid yourself, it will take time.

And a bonus for Friday:

6 Things That Kill Your Memory and Secret Memory Enhancers  me: don't trust your device 2 retain it all, use your head
I liked this one and shared it this morning but didn't have space to tag it with #the5, so consider this your bonus one for today. Drink responsibly this weekend!

Yes, I have an update on the work front. I am pleased to announce that I have successfully converted my contract project management role to a full time management position for RBS Citizens Bank. I am continuing to work in their East Providence facility, leading a group to develop role based access.

So how do we summarize today? From asking questions to personal branding to teamwork to social media time to database tool... I think we need to set the stage via your personal brand, surround yourself with the proper support, leverage what you know and learn about them to help them and help the team. There is no quick solution. If it seems quick, it is not being done right. It will take time. Make time for your personal brand efforts. Use your time wisely. As one theme that will draw these together, I think I'll go with the Lessons of the Geese

What can you share that you have learned?