Monday, February 28, 2011

RUNA - High Res Promo Video

A compilation of some of Runa's repertoire highlighting what they can do. Very well done!

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday night choices - social media has an advantage

I could have gone to listen to East of Shirley or I could have gone to Attleboro for their Winter Festival, I did choose to go to the Circle of Friends Coffeehouse for a great performance by Runa.

One of the joys of social media is being able to see what was captured at the other events like what Bruce K Garber does for the Attleboro Winter Festival here:

And a taste of Runa's performance:


You can visit quiet poet to read some sherku inspired by Runa's performance. (There will be more published in the next couple of days.)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

You are not alone

Good morning, before D and I go for our walk today, let's get in coverage of #the5

Job Search Jam Sessions: You are not alone  

This is What Hope Looks Like  "we are deceived into believing that changing the world is reserved" 

Relationships are More Important than Truth?  "My only question is, where’s your damn courage?" 

Introducing Simpler Controls for LinkedIn Account Settings  me: nice layout, cleaner, simpler - well done!  

Year in Review: there’s a web app for that.  yes, here is the link to the app itself 

Being alone is good time for reflection but being alone is not a good way to accomplish most tasks. Many hands make light work go the old saying and with good reason. Use your network. What seems impossible may be accomplished one step at a time. It takes courage to step out of your comfort zone, to recognize that you can't do it alone. That you are not alone, that others are around that can help you, that you can help! LinkedIn is a good tools for finding and keeping in touch with your network. They have recently adjusted the settings page to make it easier. They have added a new app to enable a quick view of your connections who have started something new this year, last year. This is good info to use to reach out and stay in contact with them. Remember you are not alone, they will like to hear from you!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Five for Friday - deliver yourself

Good morning, time for #the5 for Friday

Curiosity tears down walls  "We love windows in the way they let light shine in" from @ 

Five Core Principles of Connection  "the best mindset for connection is to deliberately set aside this desire" 

“A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone”  @ joins  2day 

Does Squeezing Yourself Into a Resume Bug You? me: like with taking good photos, framing is important 

THE way to get in the door  me: now here is a reasonable way to be distinct and make your mark! 

And right to the summary: (it is wet outside and I need to get my run in before heading off to work)

Windows and doors are necessary to move through walls from one room to the other, from outside to inside, or inside to outside. Be of the mindset to serve, seek to understand as Stephen Covey says. Henry David Thoreau's quote about being rich is insightful. Let go. Be comfortable with yourself. Be distinct. Accomplish what FedEx is able to do by capturing the attention of the recipient at delivery cheaply. Deliver yourself!

Capturing risky behavior on digital film

Risky behavior photographed with a cool description of the behind the scenes work.

Thanks to Chase Jarvis for sharing this - Enjoy!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

"And I shall have some peace there"

A new book "And I shall have some peace there" caught my eye. Margret Roach was being torn and walked away to find peace in her garden. She just released her book and this is the 'trailer' for the book.

You can find more about Margret on her website

Thanks to @pistachio for the hat tip to Margaret

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

JobAngels Merges With Hiring for Hope

As a member of JobAngels, I received this notification via the LinkedIn group. JobAngels started on Twitter, evolved into other online tools (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn) and now find itself a new home within Hiring for Hope.

LinkedIn Groups

  • Group: JobAngels
  • Subject: JobAngels Merges With Hiring for Hope

Dear Friends,

We hope this finds you and your loved ones doing well and staying warm during this unusually cold winter. We want to communicate some very positive and exciting news!

Beginning today, Feb. 22, we will merge our two volunteer-based organizations. When we began exploring the benefits of joining together, it became clear that combining forces would enable us to quickly expand our outreach efforts and scope of services.

Hiring for Hope and JobAngels share a common value system, philosophy and mission to provide job seekers with free career management assistance and support from altruistically-motivated people. JobAngels' powerful employment networking concept, coupled with the vitality of its online community, nicely complements Hiring for Hope's extensive and growing infrastructure, suite of career management services, nationally-recognized 501(c)3 public charity status, and online networking and support community.

As with all important business decisions, we will work closely with each of you to make the integration and transition process as smooth as possible. JobAngels will transition into Hiring for Hope over the next several weeks, with both groups' social media pages integrating and services joined to form a comprehensive "suite" of free online career management services.

Going forward, JobAngels will be an official Hiring for Hope career management program that will continue to operate across social media pages and within the Voices of Hope online networking and support community.

Furthermore, effective Feb. 1, Mark Stelzner is a member of Hiring for Hope's Board of Director. Former JobAngels Volunteer Leaders Deirdre Honner and Mark Cummuta have decided to join our Advisory Board and Hiring for Hope warmly welcomes them!

All current JobAngels members are invited, and encouraged, to become a member of Hiring for Hope's Voices of Hope community, where you can join an array of networking and support groups organized by industry sector, geographic region and career level. It is a place where you can learn about and apply for career opportunities. Voices of Hope also has a robust selection of easy-to-use technology that links with many of the popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Voices of Hope's tools make it easier and faster for someone to expand their network, collaborate with others, find inspiration and moral support, and share HOPE and job leads.

If you are already a Hiring for Hope community member, please make our new JobAngels members feel at home. If you are a JobAngels member and would like to begin taking advantage of all the additional benefits of becoming a Hiring for Hope member, please click the links below to visit our special JobAngels Welcome Page.

• Job Angels Welcome Page -

Also, feel free to view one or both of the short videos about Hiring for Hope below:

• HFH Overview Video -
• Complete Career Management Video -

Thank you in advance for your patience as we work through this exciting transition. Over the next several weeks, please watch for a series of communications that will outline what you will need to do to stay connected with us on each of our major social media pages.

Also, please know that we welcome any questions or comments you may have. We encourage you to visit the Connect With Us page of our website to provide feedback about any of our programs or services.

All our best,

Tegan Acree and Mark Stelzner
Hiring for Hope - Board Members

Posted By Mark Stelzner

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Now to make some empty bottles!

Another six kettles were bottled Monday night at DejaBrew by the Band of Brewers. The secret label codes are as follows:

Tim's Dim Wit - T
Worcester Bitter - W
Malcolm's Mild - M
Howling Honey - H
Old World Lager - O
Dean Park Pilsner - P

Our total listing looks like this (139 kettles with 80 unique beers)

Beer Total
Stunner 9
Blueberry Ale 7
Hearty Christmas Ale 5
Downtown Brown 4
Lawnmower Lager 4
Llevar Porter 4
Wachusett Pale 4
Dunrovin Stout 3
Hirschgarden Marzen 3
Killer Honey Ale 3
Light Irish Stout 3
Off Kilter Scotch 3
Pumpkin Ale 3
Rusty Anchor Lager 3
Bavarian Pilsner 2
Dean Park Pilsner 2
Double Scotch Ale 2
Evil Santa 2
Gnarly Barley Wine 2
Goibniu 2
Honey Summer Ale 2
Lobster Claw 2
McTartan’s Scotch Ale 2
Mile High Lager 2
Oktoberfest Beir 2
Piper Scottish Ale 2
Red Head Ale 2
Red Tail Ale 2
Tim’s Dim Wit Bier 2
A Great BOD 1
Balance Rock Red 1
Baltic Porter 1
Bassalope 1
Bawstin Lager 1
Beaver Back Pale 1
Castle Brown Ale 1
Chocolate Cream Stout 1
Crazed & Confused 1
Dave's Red 1
Deja Fest 1
Deja Wide Stout 1
Down Under Lager 1
Drunken Monk Ale 1
Dublin’s Half 1
Fall's Lager 1
Forest Fire Red 1
Fuggle Ambrosia 1
Great White Golden 1
Greg’s Big Head Stout 1
Helles Lager 1
High Sierra Pale 1
Howling Honey Ale 1
Jeff Beck Lager 1
Klawtobier 1
Malcolm’s Mild 1
Maple Stout 1
O’Malleys Irish Stout 1
Octoberfest Bier 1
Old Man Winter Ale 1
Old World Lager 1
Olde English Strong Ale 1
Queen Bee Lager 1
Raspberry Wheat 1
Ray's Bock 1
Red Rider Ale 1
Red Rock Bock 1
Rocket Bock 1
Rye Blonde 1
Sam’s Damn Yummy 1
Sammy's Octoberfest 1
Scotch Ale 1
Special Delivery Ale 1
Steel Rail Pale Ale 1
Sturz Strong Ale 1
Summer Wheat 1
The Rock 1
Thoroughbred Red 1
Top Drop Dopplebock 1
Winter Jubilee 1
Worcester County Bitter 1
Grand Total 139

Remember, once the beer is bottled, the only thing holding us back from making more beer is making empty bottles. Keep them clean by going bottoms up!

Note: 2 of the 139 have been brewed but not bottled yet.

Deja Brew - six kettles bottled

The "Band of Brewers' were bottling the product of our efforts on Monday night at Deja Brew. The cap codes for the beers we left with are as follows:

Tim's Dim Wit  - T
Worcester Bitter - W
Malcolm's Mild - M
Howling Honey - H
Old World Lager - O
Dean Park Pilsner  - P

Prior posts and pictures of our efforts at Deja Brew can be found here

Monday, February 21, 2011

Bottoms Up!

Anyone who has been around a bar or a beer or two has likely heard the saying "Bottoms up." You are usually out with a co-worker or buddy having a drink and as you're getting ready to leave, "bottoms up" is the saying to finish it off and let's get going. The 'Band of Brewers' led by Brian Mahoney also use this phrase as the reminder for cleaning and keeping the bottles clean.

Stop and think about it. If the empty bottle is rinsed out and stored up right, the bottom can collect the excess liquid, dust and anything else around. When we return to DejaBrew to use the bottle several weeks later, what was once good and clean is now growing something worthy of a science experiment.

How should the empties be handled?
Right after emptying the bottle, rinse it out. Rinse it a couple of times with fresh tap water. It shouldn't really matter whether it is hot or cold. The bottle just held good tasty beer, so how dirty could it be?

To be safe, hold the empty and wet bottle up to light to look through the glass. It should be clean and while the glass is somewhat opaque, you should be able to see through.

You can let the bottle drain, whether you have one for yourself, or after a party have several, let the bottle drain with the bottom up!

And the final step to keeping the bottles clean until they are needed again; keep them in the box with the bottoms up!

Bottoms up to drink in good health.

Bottoms up to drain when rinsed out.

Bottoms up to store until the next batch is to be bottled.

Bottoms up!

Related posts about our beer brewing activities at DejaBrew can be found here.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Feb 19, 1945

I had a glorious morning yesterday, meeting with Michelle Clay and Anne Marie Bellavance at the Franklin Food Pantry. Michelle has volunteered to pull together a cook book of healthy recipes for the Food Pantry. She is enjoying the exercise, trying new recipes, exploring how to best do this for the Food Pantry. She wrote up her version of our meeting yesterday. While she was giddy, I am still dancing with joy!

Frank Moody, my brother-in-law, took Dad to lunch with a bunch of Frank's police friends. Many of them are Marines like Dad and yesterday was not just a Saturday lunch, yesterday was also the 66th anniversary of the landing on Iwo Jima. Frank wrote about the lunch and conversation to share Jerry's Story, in particular:
Yesterday was typical with Matt Wolf of INFORCE tactical lights showing A US ARMY SPECIAL FORCES SERGEANT a new tactical light. Jerry was duly impressed. He listened with rapt attention. I asked him what kind of light he used hunting in the caves on Iwo?
"oh sunlight.". 
Followed by the trade mark grin and laugh. The SF sergeant who has been back and forth to Iraq and A-Stan on numerous expeditions gave me a knowing look. It is the glance and acknowledgement of reverence from one professional to another about Jerry and those guys like him. They are described as Rock Stars. Truly.

I consider myself so lucky!

Expand the pin hole!

One of our regular coffee stops is Cafe Dolce in downtown Franklin. They got a new supply of covers for the paper coffee cups and they are defective. Not in a major way but enough to be noticeable and easily corrected.

As you sip your coffee, the liquid covers the hole. There should be an air hole above to allow air to replace the coffee as it enters your mouth. The existing air hole is more like a fine pinhole. What you see above was widened with my house key. This quick and easy fix works well. Without widening the hole, you get a small sip and only that each time you tip the cup.

Now, if this is a safety factor built in to avoid burning your tongue, mouth etc. with hot liquid... that maybe an unintended consequence of the fine pin hole.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Saving time

Good morning! Happy Friday to you. unusually warm here in New England today, but no worry, winter returns overnight Enjoy #the5 as we cruise today

Get Your Hands Dirty and Change Something.  "Before change can be managed, it has to be sparked" 
Doing something is good. Doing good for something that matters is better yet.

Tips for Shooting A Winning Video For Your Nonprofit  me: possible to do for @ 
I'll put this in the listing of posts to return to when the time comes. I am more comfortable with audio and need to start making the switch to video but there is this huge time commitment involved.

RT @ Who Is Your Audience  me: quick survey of his readership underway, good sample Q's 
Content that matters will create a conversation and build your community, or audience. Community is different in my use as I would refer to those as the more engaged within the broader audience.

Marketing starts with audience  "the first hurdle of finding people to join your audience" @ has 1 for 
The broader audience is where you can start and find the committed by getting some to engage.

How I blog with Evernote  me: practical how to from @. Yes, I can do that! 
As time is a precious thing, I am looking for ways to be more efficient about what I do and this brief video may help.

How do you save time?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Deja Brew - six kettles bottled

The "Band of Brewers' were bottling the product of our efforts on Monday night at Deja Brew. The cap codes for the beers we left with are as follows:

Red Rock Bock - R
Stunner - S
Baltic Porter - B
Balance Rock Red - BR
O'Malley's Stout - O
Sammies Octoberfest - SO

Prior posts and pictures of our efforts at Deja Brew can be found here

Monday, February 14, 2011

Grant red

Good morning, time for #the5

Are You Taking Your Job for Granted?  "Taking your job for granted is bad for your mental health" 
If you are lucky enough to be amongst the employed today, do not take your job for granted. Look around and see what you can do to improve the situation, reduce cost, add automation, something to increase your own value to the company. Take the opportunity now!

A Job Hunting Post for Valentine’s Day  "what do you think is easier to find these days: a date or a job?" 
I like the line of thought that Matt Youngquist takes on this posting today, especially since it is Valentine's Day.

Balance is not black and white  "In black or white worlds you are either in the right or in the wrong"  @
Leanne has a short thoughtful post on balance how it isn't black and white, but should be more in the grey area in between. If she had worked in red, would it be more read today?

Why Your Twitter Profile Matters  "open yourself up to more opportunities" 
Your Twitter profile is important. It is your landing page, your welcome porch. How well do you showcase yourself? I did summarize my following rules and many of them point back to the profile and what it will tell me about those who follow me. Depending upon what your profile is, I may or may not follow you back.

sherku: Valentine's Day - Three stones depict past/ Present, and future/ One ring; our life/ Our love, together//  
Finally, a #sherku for my love for Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's Day Dolores!

How will I summarize today? What balance amongst the posts will be the key takeaway? There are colors involved, and circles. Hopefully, one or more of these links will be followed to find out the additional details behind it. Don't take your life for granted it, work it, improve it, live it to the fullest!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Tilting at windmills

Good morning, time for #the5

Improving Efforts to Help Unemployed Americans Find Jobs  me: i disagree, I think this is a structural problem 
I think the fact that the Fortune 500 is not going to be the growth engine that will bring us out of the recession, that the small and medium businesses will provide the growth should be considered a "structural" problem. There are too many shifts going on to consider otherwise. But hey, he is the specialist, I just observe and report on what I see.

Staying On Don Quixote’s Horse  me:belief in the impossible can create great things, go @!  
Go Terry! Don Quixote is one of my heroes. Belief in oneself, even belief in the impossible is possible and will make things happen. You do have to believe and be consistent in that belief, but hey, the world's your stage now!

Can you fail with The Daily Five Minutes? "essentially a private, one-on-one conversation" goodness from @ 
Now that I am back in the saddle and leading a group, the daily five minutes is returning to my routine. I do endorse this. It brings so much goodness it should not be left out of your day.

The Surprising Reason You Lost That Last Sale "it’s the ‘soft’ credentials that are the tie-breakers" 
The soft credentials, the relationship you have built over time... a surprise? It shouldn't be.

How To Create and Optimize a Facebook Content Strategy – Advice from Alison Zarrella   @ @
As I continue to work on the Franklin Food Pantry website revision and include Facebook in our overall scheme, this should be a good source of info to help the planning.

The daily five minutes is a personal conversation, #the5 on Twitter can enable a conversation also. Both build relationships, the relationships that are so important because they provide the "soft credentials" noted above that can make or break the deal. It comes back to planning, planning to succeed. It comes back to dreaming, daring to dream the impossible. What windmill are you going to tilt at today?

What have you learned that you can share?