Friday, January 07, 2011

when you sit and stink, it is time to sit and think!

Good morning, time for #the5

Time Management for Nonprofit Social Media Professionals: What’s Your Best Tip? 
@Kanter provides a good summary on time management for social media folks and opens the door for additional ideas. How do you manage your time?

11 Free Resources About Creativity  me: free is a great start to good ROI 
@Chrisbrogan provides some free resources on creativity. Free is a great start to obtain a good return on investment. Expecially if it is just you time that is involved, you can manage that right?

I see what you did there  "Life is always teaching, whether or not we’re paying attention" 
@CSPenn provides a good story on how to learn by recognizing what someone has done. Life provides multiple opportunities for this. The question is are we present enough to stop and recognize it at the time.

My beliefs about autism, research and more..  "there is room in this world for many different points of view" 
@johnrobison shares his ideas and beliefs about speaking for something. I had the pleasure of meeting him initially at PodCamp WesternMA and again a couple of times at other events.

Has social media stalled? Literally.  "let’s plumb the depths of this idea" @ inside the #1 SocMed place 
Mark Shaeffer's daughter, Lauren (a senior at Indiana University) has a creative piece on the origins of social media. I can recall a number of rhymes (not all safe for work) that I saw and read in the stall over the years.

When you sit and stink
It is time to sit and think!