Tuesday, January 18, 2011

tortoise time

Good morning, time for #the5

The High Cost of Instant Success  "BIGG success demands a price even if you are an instant success" 
TANSTAAFL comes through again!

The Fallacy of Social Media Reciprocation  "There is no inherent value in a superficial connection" 
Quality not quantity!

PingTags Adds QR Code Access to Your LinkedIn Profile  good idea shared by @  
Catchy, useful - yes. Instant recognition, no. Should we use these or spend time on a good brand logo?

Shopping around, social style  - me: a test of web hosting co's support responses via Twitter, interesting! 
Valid, depending upon what your expectations are. But for those companies who may advertise a quick response, this is a good test.

Pan-Mass Challenge 2011: This Time it’s Personal  @ starts his fund raising this the ride  
No, this is not Rex Ryan talking. Doug Haslam is doing the Pan Mass Challenge again this year and has started his fund raising campaign. Follow the link above to his site and then to his personal fund raising page to contribute.

For all the 'instant', 'now', 'have to be on' moments that much of media touts, it really is quality and longevity that will win! Didn't the tortoise beat the hare?