Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quality not quantity

Good morning, time to fit #the5 in amongst the snow flakes and driving wind

Bill Russell, and job searches  "My ambition as your friend is ... a positive influence on your quality of life" 
The full quote has been added to my quote collection. The sentiment summarizes the quantity vs. quality discussion that seems to never end. I won't ignore quantity but I come down clearly on the quality side. What about you?

Deep Dive Into The Federal Government's Budget And The History Of US National Debt  me: yowza, a must see! 
Speaking of quantity (i.e. national debt) and quality, the presentation here is one of high quality - that is definitely readable and easy to follow.

26 Tips to Enhance Your Experience on LinkedIn  me: new to LinkedIn, this is a good summary to start with - 
Back to the quantity side, especially for those still either new to LinkedIn or not sure how to make it work for them, this is a good summary of things to do. As above, the quality of what you do with these actions will matter. At the upcoming PodCamp WesternMA, I will be prepared to talk about "I'm on LinkedIn, now what?" and answer any questions you might have.

20 Ways to Manage Your Boss - some golden rules everyone should know  me: these apply to your job search also 
Similar to the link above but focused on the relationship with your boss, or from a job search perspective, your future employer!

"investors who think they bought mortgage- backed securities bought securities that aren’t backed by anything" 
An insight into the recent MA Supreme Judicial Court decision on mortgages and the implications thereof.

Overall, the theme for today - quality not quantity!

What have you learned that you can share?