Sunday, January 09, 2011

Print extras in today's Milford Daily News

The viability of print whether newspapers or magazines is being questioned everyday. I think the local paper is doing something strange here. They are putting exclusives in the print edition and using social media to advertise that fact.

What's so odd about this?
I have seen more print publications advertise exclusives that can be found online behind their firewall. and how successful are they? Not very, folks don't like the firewalls.

So maybe it would be better to use the print edition for the exclusives. What is strange about this is that the advertisement about the exclusives in print appears in the social media channels (as in this RSS feed) after the normal working folks would have had a chance to stop for the paper on their way to work. If they waited until after, the odds are they may not get one on the way home.

The paper has been doing this for several weeks now, how successful they are remains to be seen.

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Milford Daily News front page for 1/9/2011
Every day, The Milford Daily News prints stories you will not find anywhere else. In today's print edition, find out which fields are the stablest forms of employment in Wicked Local Jobs; celebrate 60 years of marriage with a Framingham couple in Jenifer Lipson's Family Line; learn why the state fire marshal is asking residents to adopt fire hydrants in Safety Matters and get to know two friends from Framingham and Wayland spending their retirements 'doing nothing' in The Buddy System.

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