Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Inside #the5 Tuesday - edge

Good morning, time to get started on #the5 and then get on with the work day.

HR Margo shares her influencers  "The lists we create are better than the ones we make" 
Margo must have spent a good deal of time going back through her influencers for the year to create this listing. Quite an effort to result in quite a good listing! What can you do with it?

Make Kitchen Table Companies with Cloud Plus Mobile  "focus on how we can move ideas into the hands of people" 
Chris Brogan talks about how easy it is to create a kitchen table company. What tools are you using?

Getting Comfortable with Quiet…and Fear.  "Fear can tell you you’re onto something"  are you fearful?
Comfortable with quiet is easy for me. That is a time when it is easy to consolidate thoughts into sherkus. Comfortable with fear is something you need to grow used to, except that the growing part means you need to be moving along the edge to stay on the fear line. Otherwise, you';; find yourself in a safe and quiet zone and it may be a bit before you realize that there is no fear and your missing out on an opportunity! Note - living in this kind of fear, along the edge of fear, is not like living in fear of terrorism. The terrorists won that war as soon as we implemented the first travel safety restriction

Ten blog posts that made a difference  @ shares his listing of good reads 
I found Mark via Mitch Joel's podcast interview and added his blog to my RSS feed. I thought I had followed him on Twitter as well but when I checked this morning, I hadn't. Now I do.

The Future of the Smart Phone? Look out for the DUMB Phone Revolution.  @ with a cool idea 4 
Jeff Pulver has a simple idea. Should be very easy to implement technically as there already is an "airplane mode". The question is how much initiative will it take for the phone companies, and operating system makers (Android) to actually do this/ I hope not much!

And the summary theme for today? I'll go with the edge. We'll need to be on the edge to live in the fear mode that Amber Naslund talks about. Looking around the edge of the kitchen table we can create ideas. Ideas as simple as the one Jeff Pulver has for the DUMB phone. Ideas and people that by taking a chance, going out of the way to meet or explore as Margo and Mark did, result in good stuff.

Now I need to sign off this and get out to prepare for the workday. Living on the edge of a time schedule is also a challenge!

What have you learned that you can share today?