Monday, January 03, 2011

Inside #the5 Monday - responsibility

Good morning, time for #the5

Value Alignment for Projects  "responsibility is very much like motivation: it’s personal and self-driven"  
@rosasay is back from her self imposed hiatus and blogging anew. She was missed. My RSS feed is happy to receive her insights!

Public Relations for 2011- Small Bites  "giving them informed decisions on what to do next" 
@chrisbrogan outlines public relations for 2011. These are things you'll see me do for Franklin Matters and the Franklin Food Pantry. Yes, the secret is out. Complete transparency!

My Three Words for 2011  "humans have an amazing ability to take a kick in the teeth" 
Ben Yoskovitz shares his words for 2011. The quote should be a good tease to delve deeper into the link.

Seeking Guest Authors for Weekly Series  "If the answer is yes, consider writing" 4 @ 
Ari Herzog is seeking guest authors for a new series of posts he is putting together. This is a great opportunity for exposure to share what you have to say. Yes, you!

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #28  @ et al have their best of  to share, goodies indeed!
This is a weekly collaboration of three folks sharing amongst themselves and with the post with us. The items are gems. 

The theme that is common amongst these finds today? Responsibility. Starting with Rosa (an obvious choice), inside Chris Brogan's post is the inherent responsibility to understand your audience and feed them appropriately. Ben takes responsibility for his words to drive his goals for this year. Ari takes responsibility and action to offer up the opportunity for guest posts. Mitch and friends take responsibility to share the key finds for each other, knowing what each is doing and how these finds can fit for them.

Hopefully, these finds will help you today and here after. Will you be responsible for yourself first, and then for those around you? What have you learned that you can share today?

Flickr photo from Wonderlane