Friday, January 28, 2011

Data - the devil's in the details

Good day! Catching up to schedule I think after a computer crash last week and more snow this week. What can #the5 show us? Let's take a look

Visualize your LinkedIn network with InMaps "Just like snowflakes, no two networks are the same" 
I tried this out and while I have published mine yet, I do think it is quite interesting to see and explore the relationships. Have you tried out yours yet?

Level Up! How Millennials are Changing the Promotion Game Me: I think timing is skewed based upon updates I see 
The timing of updates to LinkedIn is off so I am curious how they are pulling the dates. If anything, the numbers are understated as not everyone who is on LinkedIn in updating their info in a timely fashion.

How To Enable A Positive Attitude In Life  me: spend the bulk of your day creating value! 
Being positive is the single best thing you can do for yourself, especially on your job search. If you can't be positive, it will take more time to find the proper opportunity.

The Three Key Relationships Found in Great Workplaces  "provide opportunities for employees to collaborate" 
I highlighted one with the quote, the remainder are well worth reviewing.

 : A simple Google Reader heuristic for finding important stuff: 
Good buddy Christopher S Penn, the father of #the5, has this one on how to go into your archives and go mining for gold. I am putting it here as something I need to do. Have you done this?

So how do we summarize this set of links for today? Three of these are directly based upon data. Whether in the network, or the LinkedIn updates or the archives - data matters. The other two could be stretched to tie to data without much effort. So we'll go with data and "the devil in the details" to summarize it all.

What can you share?