Thursday, December 30, 2010

Insights from #the5 - Thursday - heavy

good morning, did you read - The Evolution of Chris Brogan  "I’m more community than ever" 
If you are not writing your own evolution story, why not? I happened to have met Chris in 2006 at the first PodCamp Boston and have been very fortunate to have maintained contact with him since then. He is a great example of setting out to accomplish something, and doing it!

"accomplished some unlikely feats, survived a mishap or two with aplomb" Reward Yourself for 2010: A Look Back  
Speaking of accomplishments, what was significant this year? Follow @LisaJohnson's advice and reward yourself for what you did do!

"Nobody really talks about the spiritual aspects of the social web" Ten blog posts that made a difference  
I found Mark via one of @mitchjoel's podcasts. A good writer and better yet, asking good questions. The spiritual aspects of the social web can get all kumbyaish and turn some folks off but it is like the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. It is there, not in a bad way and hence should be acknowledged.

How 15 Failed Businesses Led One Founder To A Multi-Million-Dollar Success  from failure, success! 
Only by looking back will you realize where you have come from. Only by learning what worked and what didn't can you make progress and improve. It may take some time, fortune only smiles when your ready for it. Hard work creates lucky opportunities. Are you getting ready for success?

The Medicine Ball Job Interview Strategy  "it is often not the question that’s being asked" 
Tim has had a number of good posts this year. I find I have been sharing his writing either here or on the Job Search Jam Sessions page regularly. He uses analogies like I do. Medicine ball is a good one. Heavy with benefits. Tough questions - heavy with benefits. Learning from failure - heavy with benefits.

I think you get the point. Be a good friend to someone, be heavy with benefits!