Thursday, December 09, 2010

Insights from #the5 - Thursday - explore

Good morning, let's venture inside #the5 today to see what we can see!

6-Year Online Giving Study Helps Nonprofits to Fundraise More Effectively  "the online giving experience" 
The giving experience is important to build loyalty for the non-profit. This helps to reinforce the direction and approach I want to take with the re-design of the Franklin Food Pantry website.

How Small Businesses Can Use Evernote to Stay Organized   
Evernote is an app that I haven't really used much of but I keep hearing of folks having success with it. It is appearing often enough that I think I will give it another try. One aspect of it that catches my ear this time is the capability to save a recording. If you have used this part of it, I would be interested in hearing how you do this.

Google Docs' Offline Support Returns (Well, Next Year)  "we're glad offline support is making a return" 
Working behind the firewall presents challenges, so being able to go offline and save something, particularly on a mobile device would be good to have handy. Patience is required for now. And planning to work around it in the mean time!

The First Amendment: A Shield for Food Marketers  "the right of corporations to mislead the public" 
I find it irksome that businesses can advertise what they want (obviously they are paying for it) but no one really calls them out for advertising what is effectively either a lie or something that can't be done.

Are you able to discount your own certainty?  "See if you can celebrate possibility, and praise uncertainty" 
Rosa Say has surfaced briefly to post this gem. Click through to read the full posting and follow the rich links she has provided. It will be a worthy use of your time. Exploring uncertainty is a good skill to acquire.

What can you share today?

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