Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Inside #the5 Tuesday - geese

Good morning, time to go inside #the5 to see what the theme for today is.

The Choice of a Word  @ chose 'blossoming' What will you choose? Where is your focus? 
And coincidently, we start with Amy Palko choosing her one word theme for next year. Always a good activity. I have set a three word goal for each of the past couple of years following Chris Brogan's advice and that has helped me.

Vicki Burke  "I choose to keep my life calm so I’ve got plenty of time to reflect" great insights 
One of a series of interviews about how folks have found their way to do what they are doing. I find it insightful to listen to these kind of talks. The person reveals so much by what they say, and don't say. Bottom line, one tends to find out that the real road was there all along.

Google Wave Will Live On As Apache Wave  me: life doesn't have to end in an open source world 
If it is not a commercial venture but has enough of a following, an application can live in an open source world. How cool is that! I have dabbled with Wave but for those who really took to it, they were able to accomplish much, hence a rebirth!

The 9 Biggest Myths about Finding and Following your Passion  @ busting some myths 
Myth busting is a popular thing these days. Christine does an admirable job with these myths.

The open road  me: how fast do you need to go, or are you patient pulling up behind someone? 
How do you behave when behind someone? I find myself okay with being behind them if they are intent on making progress. If they seem to have not a care in the world, I'm sorry, I will pass them when the opportunity arises. But if we apparently are heading the same way, about the same rate, then I'll be comfortable slip streaming. Akin to the Lessons of the Geese!

So this is where I'll end up. Recognition of the situation. Knowing when to hold them, when to fold them. Knowing yourself, knowing what you can do, should do and having the focus to do so. Leading when required, following and supporting as necessary. The lessons of the geese!

What can you share today?