Monday, December 13, 2010

Inside #the5 Monday - listen

Good morning, time to explore inside #the5 today

Who Benefits More From the USRDA’s 2,000 Calories Per Day? You or Big Agra?  a good  from @
Lisa Johnson went digging to find out how the 2,000 calories per day guideline was established and didn't like what she found. Have you gone digging into something that has been well established, for so long that know one knows what the origin is? Why not?

A Chilling Trend Job Seekers Absolutely Need to Know  " a platform which aggregates a person’s entire background" 
Ah, I think the companies that have some social media savvy are already doing this today. No, there is not a silver bullet single place tool yet, but there are sites that come close. The information is available for those looking.

Ideas for Job Search, Career and Life - Tim's Strategy  free ebook or buy the paperback, a good choice for 
Tim has been a consistent source of good info on the job search and referenced frequently on the Job Search Jam Session blog. The ebook or papaerback would be good to dig into his 30 ideas.

Massachusetts to Allow Live Twittering, Blogging in Courts  me: not that I'll be there but good to know! 
This is good to know. I don't expect to be in a court anytime soon but if the opportunity were to arise, the process is open!

What Doctors and Salespeople Can Learn From Each Other  me: learning to listen is a good one! 
I like this one, learning to listen to the complete story before jumping to a diagnosis! How often do you jump to a conclusion when someone tells you about a problem they are having?

So how would you summarize #the5 today? I'll choose listening as the key. Lisa heard a story but didn't accept the ending. Some of the doctors jumped to their diagnosis before hearing the full story. Bloggers can get inside the courts with their tools of the trade to listen and report. Someday, there will be a single site to aggregate all the info on a job seeker, if it is not there already. And Tim has 30 ideas you should listen to and them pick to implement to help your job search.

What have you learned that you can shared today?