Friday, December 31, 2010

inside #the5 Friday - value

Good morning, time for the last #the5 for 2010. Let's see what we have today

A Reflection on Networked Professional Learning  me: @ is in my 'must read' RSS folder. Who's in yours? 
I do have a must "read folder" but Beth does something I'll consider. She keeps only a dozen in the folder and when she adds a new one, she swaps one out to another folder. Keeps the ideas coming and keeps them fresh!

New Trojan Hijacks Android Smartphones - International Business Times  only in China now, but 4warned is 4armed  
Security and knowing the source is always important. With Android OS taking off as it is, this is not the last time we'll see something like this. Be careful!

The Family Balance  @ says "I believe in the mobile and distributed workforce" Do you? 
Work life balance is a never ending discussion. Each of us needs to figure out how it works for us. There is no one size model that fits all. Chris shows and shares what works for him. What works for you?

How to correctly sing Auld Lang Syne  @ has the lyrics ready for this evening 
Christopher S Penn, the 'other' important PodCamp Boston Chris, has the lyrics for tonight ready. Please celebrate wisely!

Free New Year’s Resolution eBook! Enjoy & Happy New Year!  a gift from @ 
A gift at anytime is special, Lisa Johnson has one for us all to help prepare for those new year's resolutions. Will you make any this year?

and a bonus for today:

Content Pays  @ says "Where there is value, there are consumers willing to pay for it" yes! 
"Where there is value" - the key! I look to add value with my two cents otherwise I don't say anything.

And the word for today: value. What do you value? When do you value? Value and values runs through the above links and becomes the theme for today.

How do you add value?

Are these insights something that you value? (Not that I'll start charging for these. No, there are no plans for it anytime soon.)

Happy New Year! Celebrate safely and wisely!