Friday, December 10, 2010

inside #the5 Friday - time management

Good morning, time for #the5. Let's cruise amongst the findings today and see if there is a theme or at least one word to summarize.

5 Steps to Sharing  expanding upon @ to share spending only an hour a day 
You have asked a few times, how do I do it all? Time management and focused time is one of my skills. Effectively utilizing the tools I have at hand help. The best image to convey this is to think of the three legged stool. In this case, each leg stands for people (me), process (reading and sharing) and technology (the tools I use - Google Reader, Twitter, etc.). The three fit together and help me accomplish what I want to in less than an hour a day. Usually, that is, of course. I do have to avoid following too many links (that's time management and focus!).

25 Facts That Prove America Is Losing The Race Against China  me: don't read and weep, or rage - take action 
Indeed, these kinds of articles can cause one to rant and rage against what is happening. But what does that do, other than allow for the venting! It accomplishes nothing. Let's indeed look inside the reasons for what is happening to find the opportunity to take action and start to turn this around. One step at a time will go a long way. Take your first step today.

How to Find a Job in a Different City  me: good summary of steps to take to move to take a job elsewhere 
Demographics and the job market should be looked at together. Where are you and where are the best jobs to utilize what your skills and qualifications are? Maybe, they are not co-located. If so, and this is by no means an easy decision (I know having made a few moves in my lifetime thus far) maybe you should consider moving. The tools fortunately make moving and researching the move so much easier than it was just a few years ago.

Your Four Types of Coach  from @ - what type do you use? You have at least 1, right? 
Chris lists four kinds of coach, should there be another (or two) added to the listing?

Manage projects on LinkedIn with the Manymoon app  me: maybe we should try this @ 
This is now up for consideration. It brings together your network (already on LinkedIn) and your documents (some of which may be on Google docs), and the project format (in this app). How cool is that? Assuming I find a project where enough of the project team would be on LinkedIn (Job Search Jam Sessions, for one), this should be a good way to see how well this really works?

Do you have a project to use this with? If so, please share your experience!

What can you share today?