Friday, December 03, 2010

inside #the5 Friday - frame

Good morning, time to go inside #the5 today.

Before we get into #the5, for those who may not be aware of what #the5 is Christopher S Penn started this earlier this year (actually Dec 2009) when he wrote this. I have long been sharing items like this (recall the Hitchhiker's Guide now in hibernation). The same idea has now adapted to use Twitter. Thanks Chris!

As I like to add value to what I do, I started Twitter Bingo. Do #the5, then at the end of the day, see who else has come up with the same item. Or as a recent add to this, see who has retweeted it which is almost the same thing.

Sharing, making new connections, this is life long learning!

"The data is bad, and the studies are wrong"  always important to know the details behind the data 
The devil is in the details. You need to know what the numbers are and how they are being used.

An incredibly simple way to test your calls to action  insights on the instant preview! 
Do you have a call to action on your website, blog? Even if it is a subscribe button, where is it place?

The 10 Things You’re Doing Wrong at the Gym  me: i prefer to run outdoors, but for those in the gyms 
Lisa Johnson has some good insights on behavior at the gym. If you go there, how do you behave? Are you aware of what you do?

Meet The 9 Fund Managers That Warren Buffett Knew Would Outperform The Market  me: well worth an entry to 
More important than data is the activity or behavior that drives the data. Not many do it better than Warren. We might learn something from how he does it.

Make Your Own Frame  me: what is your frame of mind this Friday? a good question for 
The theme running through these posts/links today that caught my eye and now you are reading about is "frame". What is the frame of reference for the data? What is your frame of reference? The first step is to realize that it can color your view of the world. The second step is if the color isn't what you want, you can change your frame of reference. It is your choice.

Bonus links:

: The Twitter Event Of The Season! Monday, December 6, 2010 8:00 p.m-10:00 p.m.  "please mark your calendar"

Giving the Gift of LinkedIn Recommendations "show the professional world just how much you appreciate your co-workers"

What can you share?