Friday, December 10, 2010

5 Steps to Sharing

The Berry Insurance blog posted this recently:
If social media is about sharing, what are you suppose to share? Well, whatever might be interesting to your audience! Many people spread marketing and branding information via social networking sites; but many other types of information is being spread on these platforms. Does that mean that you must be the person to write about everything you want to share? Certainly not, this is why it’s called SHARING! Just be sure if you are going to share something you didn’t create, to give credit where credit is due.
You might be asking, "How do I share?" and "When do I have the time to share?"

The social media tools today make it easy to share, so easy that it takes just a little time. I spend about an hour a day, reading items from my RSS Reader and sharing as I go along the way. The Google Reader I use has a "Send to" feature so that in addition to making an item to be shared, I can send the link to a number of other tools. It is customizable so you can add the sites where you have accounts. I primarily use the "Send to" Twitter function.

By sending it to Twitter, I share it with my followers. I also tag some of the items I find with #the5. This tag marks the five best items I find in my reading. With this tag people can look for the tag and find the best of the best being found around the Internet.

You can subscribe to a daily summary of #the5 to keep up with all that was shared in the last 24 hours.

  1. So get an RSS Reader
  2. Subscribe to sites as you find them
  3. Read your updates and share as you go
  4. Tag the best updates with #the5
  5. Check on the daily summary to see what else folks have shared

Oh and as you do these things, the social part of social media will come alive for you as people re-tweet, reply, etc. to the items you have shared. Once that starts, the rest is up to you!

Can you find an hour a day to share your knowledge?