Sunday, November 07, 2010

the sherku spigot opens

On the deck, Saturday night, grilling the pork tenderloin Dolores and I picked for supper, it was a nice night. A bit on the cool side, but not so cold that I needed to bundle up.

I had been keeping up with the Twitter feed until my DROID ERIS finally decided the battery needed to recharge.

Back on the porch, no technology available, I resorted to pen and paper to record my thoughts. Sometimes the thought process just runs so clear. This was one of those nights.

Eight, yes, eight - sherku came out in the matter of minutes, with very minor modifications to fit the sherku format.

You'll see the results of those over the next week as they are posted one a day to quiet poet.

I guess I had started to tap the vein during lunch on Saturday. The spigot really opened while grilling.

So what is the point of this posting?

Do you make or find time for yourself to reflect? to record those reflections?

Why not?