Thursday, November 18, 2010

Insights from #the5 - Thursday - priority

good morning, time for ! Be aware of 'sidejacking' when using free wifi - Wi-Fi Warning 
I did pick up on 'sidejacking' last week but finally got around to sharing about this here. I don't do much in free wifi but this will be something to look out for when I do.

Editing your Google Docs on the go  me: indeed, I can hardly wait to try this on my Droid.
Working behind a firewall presents a challenge. Granted in the 8 hours working, I shouldn't be doing anything outside the firewall anyway, and that is true. There are occasions (breaks, lunch) when it would be nice to do something quick to get it off the listing and save time home for other priorities. Maybe with the phone becoming more 'powerful' in this way, I can try. How practical the editing will be is what I am interested in. If it takes me longer to do it on the phone than on a desktop, won't be much use except for those real emergency times.

great news from Lynn, MA: The Food Project Will Be Staying at the Ingalls School  -  truth beats lies yea, yea!
The garden in Lynn apparently will remain in place, final negotiations still must be completed but the lies of the opposition seemed to have been turned back. A good example of what I was advocating to the School Committee and Town Council the past two evenings. If they don't start the conversation, the void will be filled in by others and it maybe hard to turn the tide in the right way.

Professional Video Tips that Won’t Break the Bank , keep getting the urge to go video, maybe someday soon
I am very comfortable with audio podcasts for Franklin Matters. I would like to go video to help get the possible extra reach that can provide but... the time and learning curve is a factor. I don't have much time to play these days. The fact that I am comfortable is also urging me to move from the comfort zone. So the internal debate continues. Stay tuned!

What Is Brave New Talent?  "a workforce with the right skills they need for the new world of work"  
A favorite topic of mine, life long learning is what really needs to become the practice, the way. You can't just graduate and expect that to be the last time you open a book. Don't work that way, maybe never did but it is more so now.

How I Prioritize  a bonus  (if I counted right 2day) from @ - good short video "eyes on the prize"
Good buddy, Chris Brogan has a good short video showing how he sets up his office (workspace) with visual aids to keep his eyes on the prize. The video clip is sharable so you won't need to follow the link to view it. Stay here and enjoy!

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