Thursday, November 04, 2010

Insights from #the5 - decisions

"What if you could track inbound calls to your business like you track Website visitors" MyNextCustomer  
Would that this were so easy. It isn't. It is hard. Not only do you need to implement trackers in each of your messages, you need to be able to track the customers as they come through your inbound channels. This requires some planning, and some tools.

@ is looking for some Ideas Wanted: “Basketball Math”  
Wil Richardson is looking for some ideas on a curriculum favoring one who craves baseball math. This is a great idea. Find what matters to someone (i.e. baseball) and develop the curriculum around that subject. In this case, it doesn't need to be limited to math. Baseball can be the focal point to develop English reading and writing, marketing, sociology and any number of other topics.

can't wait to listen to the new podcast from Marketing over coffee - Live from the LinkedIn Group  
Christopher S Penn and John Wall have the latest 'Marketing over Coffee' podcast out. If I don't get to it today, I will get to it on the drive to or from work one of these days. Do you have some podcasts to listen to on the commute? Which ones do you like?

Developing products based on instant gratification  
Feed the need for speed is the basic message. David Meerman Scott has his latest book out and this posting references a point from the book. It is on my list to pick up. I recently listened to his book on Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead and it was well worth while.

@ talks about making the right Decisions, Decisions, Decisions  
Ah yes, decisions. Can't get away from them. Please make the right ones. Please make one and then see how it works out for you. Don't be afraid to change if it doesn't work. Just give it enough time and effort to try!

What can you share today?