Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Inside #the5 Wednesday - listen

Good morning, time for #the5

first thing I need to do is slow down and check my typing to avoid mistakes on Twitter. Made one last night and another this morning. Not good!

Online Fundraising Lessons From Campaign 2010  you can learn from other's lessons 
I took a couple of minutes to make three recommendations to the School Committee last evening, they don't receive comments well although they claim to be open. I'll have the link up when the video on demand is ready. You'll be able to watch for yourself and see how welcoming they are. The longer version of my comments can be found in the Franklin Matters Weekly podcast

From Farm to Table (Without Leaving the Farm)  me: - a great idea, maybe next year @ 
This is not the season for this idea yet it should be early enough to start planning for something like this next year. To foster locally grown food, holding a big raiser on a farm with the local produce featured in the meal cooked by a celebrity chef. That should be a good challenge and great event (as long as the weather holds for the time period selected).

Big Ideas for Associations Navigating the Social Web  for those willing to listen, good ideas 
For those willing to listen and learn, there are opportunities for change and doing things different. Hint, hint!

Not a Joke: McDonald's, KFC, and Pepsi to Draft UK Health Policy  hmm, sounds like fox in hen house? 
Gee this doesn't sound too good, anyone hear of conflict of interest?

"Be creative when the job calls for it." How UnMarketing Can Help You Find A Job  
I think execution is more important than creativity. If you spend a lot of time being creative and get nothing done, that won't help the cause. Spend more time executing and bring creativity in as necessary to solve the BHAG problems and set yourself up as distinct!

What can you share today?