Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Inside #the5 Wednesday - change

good morning, phrase for the day - "We shall see" The impact ratio (why it’s hard to know what’s important)  
What shall we see today? The impact ratio is hard to really figure out as the landscape for the perspective is constantly changing. The way to go for the moment I think is to stay grounded in what matters in your circle and what effects you can have first.

"Microsoft did not issue an update to fix a zero-day flaw in Internet Explorer"  
Security is an on-going issue. Security needs to walk the fine line between mitigating enough risk to allow (fill in the blank - life, business, etc.) to occur without preventing it. You could have ultimate security but then you couldn't do anything. For example, I stopped in at a K-Mart on the way home from work to pick up a new powered toothbrush (dentist requested). I not only had to provide the zip code for my credit card and sign the slip, they also wanted to see my driver's license (or a gov't ID). Come on, for a less than $30 purchase! Go that far when the dollars are higher. Needless to say, I'll think about stopping there again.

"take a break or change things around in some way" How Do You Know When It’s Time to Move On?  
When one door closes, another opens is one popular phrase. I think it resonates because so much is all around us all the time but it is only when things change that we really look around and take advantage of what is there. Otherwise, we are like the race horse with the blinders on, focused on the finish line! Which is al well and good if that is where we really want to and need to go!

"What ways can you engage people and make them feel important" Career Strategy: Hug The One You Are With  
If you are reading this far, you know that I tend to share something that matters in a meaningful way. Data is data but information is what comes from data in a way that can be used. As good as that process is, sometimes you just need to give someone a hug. The physical exchange is what is needed!

"Change was once my friend, then it was my teacher, now it was my biggest fear" Featuring Claudia Peralta  
Change is inevitable. How we manage change is what separates us. If it is only the fear of change that is preventing you from doing something, why? The fear is really only between your ears. It is not elsewhere. Take charge, take action. One small step at a time will lead to the new you!

Bonus  for today, get to the heart of the matter by Filtering your LinkedIn updates  
In my presentations on leveraging LinkedIn, I have recommended setting up an RSS Reader to capture all your connection updates from LinkedIn. It can be a speed read to find the connection update that you need to use and reach out to keep you network alive. It can be overwhelming as your connections grow trying to do the speed read thing and hope you don't miss the one you need to see. Or you can do as I just did and figure out how to filter the feed to create a separate listing of just those changes where someone has updated their profile! Yea, now you can get directly at the wheat without going through the 'chaff'!

What can you share today?