Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Inside #the5 Tuesday - thorough

Good morning, let's go inside #the today and see what we can glean from the links

2011 Business Book Club  @ takes the book group up a notch! let's use some books, see if they work
I have signed up for the Human Business Works newsletter (you saw a full copy of a recent issue here last week). Chris Brogan, a good buddy of mine, will be using the newsletter and community it comprises to take the book club to the next level. Some of the books will be parceled out for folks to actually try some of the advice and report back on how well it does or doesn't work. Cool!

Michelle Obama Might Have It Wrong on Childhood Obesity  me: definitely focus on the parents on this 
Single focus on a complex problem? Sometimes it works if the problem has been simplified (i.e. reduced to its likely cause). If it hasn't then there is an opportunity as Lisa lets us know about here. A study has already been done that apparently shows it to be more cost effective to target the parents to tackle obesity. Food for thought (no pun intended!).

Buy The Gift of Education For a Charity This Season  me: now that's an idea for the @ 
A good idea, combine a charitable contribution and really help a non-profit by allowing them to take part in the 501 Mission Place. I have joined this but haven't had time (yet) to get into the forums and see what's happening for myself. I will be making time for this. The opportunity is too good to miss.

Is Trust Trending?  "a new willingness to take seriously some complex issues of trust" 
If it is, this is a good thing. We need more respectful and trusting relationships. Period!

Career Poll: What Single Job Search Change Tends to Help Most?  "the best way to preserve YOUR leverage" 
Interesting survey results with even better insights from Matt Youngquist. Recognize your value, take the time to think it through. Be open to discuss it with the company. If they truly want you, you'll have started a good relationship in a good way.

What one word can summarize today? 'Think it through' I think is the phrase. Let's reduce it to "thorough"

What would you summarize the word for today as?

What have you learned that you can share?