Monday, November 22, 2010

Inside #the5 Monday

Good morning, time to provide some insights to #the5 for today

And before we get into #the5, for those who may not be aware of what #the5 is Christopher S Penn started this earlier this year (actually Dec 2009) when he wrote this. I have long been sharing items like this (recall the Hitchhiker's Guide now in hibernation). The same idea has now adapted to use Twitter. Thanks Chris!

As I like to add value to what I do, I started Twitter Bingo. Do #the5, then at the end of the day, see who else has come up with the same item. Or as a recent add to this, see who has retweeted it which is almost the same thing.

Sharing, making new connections, this is life long learning!

So here we go:

How To Win Friends And Influence People (On Twitter) the next podcast from @ 
One of my drive time regular podcasts is Mitch Joel's Twist Image. I will admit to skipping the ones with Joseph Jaffe (after the first couple, there was nothing new in their discussion) but all his others are excellent.

Perception is reality  dressing for success on a tight budget for the job search  
A real nice combination, dressing for success, a non-profit helping to foster this in Orange County, CA and an opportunity for some one (like you, maybe!) to replicate this for your area.

The Best Movie You Haven't Heard Of: Inside Job hmm, why is this so? 
Since the recession is the real news story that has bee unending, this movie is now on the 'must see' listing.

In Appreciation Of... Appreciation  "looking at the literal world in a positive way"   thx 2 @
This is more goodness from my SOBCon friend, Terry Starbucker.

Making The Most Of My Drive Time  thoughts on running out of time from @ 
Tim Milburn shares his thoughts on making the most of his drive time. Which brings up back around to driving, being effective and efficient.

What can you share today?