Monday, November 29, 2010

Inside #the5 Monday - adjacent possible

Good morning, time to go inside #the5

20+ Free Nonprofit Webinars for December 2010  me: free is great for a good start to ROI! 
Yes, indeed free is a great start to a good ROI. With 20 plus webinars to choose from, one or more will fit your need.

Why Facebook is more important than your house  "the cost of switching to something else will be too high" 
The cost of switching is a factor to be considered. For a switch to be considered, the switch much present some compelling arguments. Gowalla seems to be a good location service, but very few folks are there. Hence Foursquare is leading this game.

Awareness and Bridging  me: this sounds like the 'adjacent possible' from @ 
Only when awareness is present can you begin to make a bridge to bring about a change or some action. One of the major issues with Franklin is many folks are simply unaware of the issues facing the Town. They commute to work, get their trash picked up, have their tax bill paid as part of the mortgage escrow process, and likely have no kids. Unless they travel and require a passport, there is very little regular interaction with the Town for services. If they have kids, they should be aware but then they also need to be aware that some information they may be obtaining from their neighbors or other parents at their kids activities may be incorrect or incomplete.

What Does Technology Want? - Radiolab  via @ me: more on the 'adjacent possible' 
If you haven't heard of the 'adjacent possible', this 25 minute audio will help to present the idea in a good way.

Feelings first  "being grammatical and logical in one's communication is woefully inadequate" 
One way I know I need to work on is to make my writing more emotional, hitting some better cords. I tend to be too logical appealing to reason when emotions can dominant or color the reason. A tough line to walk. I won't roll in the mud to make a point.

What will you learn and share today?