Friday, November 19, 2010

inside #the5 Friday - realization

good morning, time for  - "characters have to figure it out for themselves" 5 Rules of Young Adult Fiction 
Good message in this quote for me today. Struggling with getting a group to see something so obvious you wonder why they can't see it. They can't because of their blinders for one. They can't because they don't want to listen to someone they are discounting automatically for two. So I could continue to beat my head on the wall and it would do no good. The other path is to create "the show" rather than "the tell". Therein lies a possibility.

To Yell or Not to Yell, That Is The Question (And 5 Things To Think About Before You Answer It)  
Yelling  and anger never really solves a problem. In fact, I usually find that it creates more of a problem. Digs you deeper into the hole that you are trying to get out of. Terry Starbucker has a good summary here on when it might be a good tool to use. It can not be a tool you use regularly or its value is lost.

How Real Are Your Social Media Contacts  Are You Leveraging Them To Move Your Job Search Forward?  
The #HireFriday hashtag on Twitter is moving to a new level of utilization of Twitter with this new tag, #HRChat. With this tag they are creating a chat session to provide real-time Q&A for the participants. If you are looking for work, or can help someone, this would be a good thing to watch and participate in.

Turning Internships into Jobs  "internships can lead to a full time position if" 
My daughter is currently working on her last co-op at Northeastern before graduating next May. This is one thing she is looking at seriously. Since she already has a good working experience with this company, can she leverage it to move to a permanent position after graduation. I know she will be successful. The only question I have is where it will be a good fit for her. Sounds like this one is a great one to start with. And given the giganomics trend, start here, who knows where it will take you.

The Great Faith Revival  "Faith in the future embraces potential and shines a light"  from @
Faith in yourself is a great place to start. If you don't have that, your job search is so much more difficult. You have to deal with the little voices, the doubts, the questions... I love Jason's quote which I include here. There is light in the future. There is hope in the future. Starting with that faith, you can do what you want.

How Connecting Your LinkedIn Contacts Builds Social Influence  me: creating value 4 your connections - bonus 
The bonus for Friday to close out this week. Some good advice laying out a step by step process to help you connect your contacts with each other so they can get the help they need and you can build or reinforce your value add.

So is there a theme to connect #the5 today? I think so. Without stretching too much, we can work backward from the bonus where we were connecting the dots; to start with faith in yourself and your future, to understand how to use what is around you (internship or HRChat) to help make connections and find a good opportunity to use the tools you have when appropriate (i.e. yelling as one tool of many) to finally setting up an environment where someone will come to the realization on their own without having to be told. If we can do that, we will be successful.

One final quote, one of my favorites to summarize this all:
"There are only two things of importance. One is the customer, and the other is the product. If you take care of customers, they come back. If you take care of your product, it doesn't come back. It's just that simple. And it's just that difficult." -- Stanley Marcus

What can you share today?