Monday, November 01, 2010

Deja Brew - 6 kettles, doubled - 100th reached!

Catching up to our 100th kettle brewing milestone, these are the beers we brewed last time over two nights.

Dunrovin Stout
ACBBD – Very similar to Guinness! Awesome Stout
Fall's Lager
A light version of the German Oktoberfest beers. Light and easy.
Llevar Porter
If you like Ravell , you’ll love this one. Vanilla accents
Octoberfest Bier
A slight fruity accent with a deep gold color
Pumpkin Ale
One honey of a lager. Smooth and easy, very light.
A creamy British Pub style pale ale “stunning colour”
Blueberry Ale
A delicious ale. It smells good, tastes good and finishes clean
Downtown Brown
Similar to Smithwick’s Ale. Light in body, heavy in flavor
Hirschgarden Marzen
An Oktoberfestbier. A nice deep amber color and malty sweetness
Lawnmower Lager
A great summer beer, easy to quaff whilst using power tools
Mile High Lager
A Coors style beer
Wachusett Pale
Nicely hopped with a beautiful color. Good for a summer stroll