Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Random thoughts

Time is short when there are competing priorities so let me just take a few minutes to put these down. Hopefully, some of them will result in a longer post sooner than later.

  • What it is with civility these days? Where has it gone (besides out the window)? The last days of an election season don't help this matter at all. The negativity and poor behavior is rampant.
  • As the "greatest generation" continues to die off, I am reminded that the need to capture what they have learned while they are still amongst us is great. Duh, it will be much harder to capture when they are gone!
  • Complete and open communication is a challenge, too often at least one person is so focused on a single objective that the implications of the decision are not laid out when the time is ripe. When they are laid out later, the real opportunity has passed and something has been lost.
  • The unemployment numbers are a mess. The official numbers don't capture the real scope of unemployment due to the counting process. There are multiple studies that continue to show this, yet the media and others continue to trumpet the numbers when they come out. They are so inaccurate, they should be ignored!

What can you share today?