Thursday, October 14, 2010

not bi-polar, more yin yang

Good morning, time for  - "interviewing is a two-way exchange" Interviewing with the Young and Inexperienced 

Interviewing is a two way conversation. To be successful, listening is required to understand what the question is. Good communication skills are required then to formulate your response to answer their question clearly and succinctly.  

Two Powerful Trends Creating IT Jobs  - me: something to keep in mind as you search 

On the theme of two today, it is important to consider that the convergence of these two trends is bringing about a good opportunity, for jobs and for significant work. What services are unmet? How can you help?

Introducing LinkedIn Labs  me: some cool services coming down the pike 

While at work, there needs to be some off time. Google makes a big deal of their 20% time to bring good things to market. LinkedIn has now spent some time in the lab world and is showing some of the benefits of it. What do you do in your 20% time?

Your Greatest Weakness is Your Strength  me: good insights on this tough question 

Turn around a negative to be a positive, a weakness to be a strength.

Can Charisma Be Taught? The 90% Theory And Why That Can Be Enough  "in my view that 10% can be overcome" 

In the duality of life that many like, the Pareto Principle (80-20) is close to this 90% theory.

Register for PodCampCT on Eventbrite!  me: I'll be there to welcome you, will you join us?

And as a bonus today, if you are going to or can be in the New Haven Connecticut area on Saturday, October 16th, join us for PodCamp CT. A new event in the podcamp series. This is likely to bring together a good bunch of folks to explore all kinds of topics in the social media space. There will be positions taken for and against something or other. Consider that there is a real learning opportunity in between the extremes. Approach it as not an 'either or' situation, maybe it could be 'and or'. Consider that there is goodness in the 'in between' play more like the relationship of yin and yang.