Monday, October 04, 2010

job search notes: Monday's insights

First off, and not part of the five today but very important, the Fiancial Report of the Job Search Jam Sessions 2 was just calculated and is available for your review. Any questions, feel free to ask me.

The financial report for the Job Search Jam Sessions 2 held on Oct 1 is available - thanks to the 62 participants!

Social media stats can be very interesting. For many folks, it is purely a numbers game - i.e. the more the better. I prefer quality over quantity and this article gets into the business questions that the numbers should answer.

Rebel! Refuse Report Requests. Only Answer Business Questions, FTW. #the5

A recent exploit by hackers who compromised a South Jersey town also used 'money mules' to process the proceeds. I understand the need for work but if the job sounds too good to be true, it likely is.

Hackers Steal $600,000 from Brigantine, NJ if the job sounds to good to be true, it likely is - #the5

The debate around education is always interesting and while I haven't read this posting yet, I do want to make it to get to.

Huffington Post - This Is Not an Education Debate #the5

Yes, indeed did any one really ask Hemingway what kind of pencils he used? Or Van Gogh the kinds of brushes he used to paint "A Starry Night" ?

Hemingway’s Pencils me: a good question from @chrisbrogan makes it to #the5 today

And last but not least for #the5 today, comes this posting from LinkedIn on a new service offering for recent college graduates. Hmmm.

LinkedIn Career Explorer: Helping College Graduates Find Their Career Path me: is there really a career path? #the5

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