Thursday, October 28, 2010

Insights from #the5 - Thursday

good morning, time for  - Job Search Jam Sessions: sign up for the free Leadership and Influence Summit 
The leadership and influence summit has such a packed listing of big names that it should be a no-brainer to sign up for. It is free and even if you don't catch the event in real-time, they will send you the link to view the archives. I have seen at least seven of the presenters in person and it should be well worth the effort to sign up!
a call for more transparency and why it matters! What is it about the weather?   @
Why it matters? Do you do anything that doesn't matter? Why?
I would add LinkedIn to the listing here - Pre-Interview Research   - what would you add?
Yes, LinkedIn should be added to this listing. It can be a great source of info on the people in the company you are researching. After all business does come down to people!
another good, quick video tip from @ - Improve Your Voicemail  
Chris has a good short video clip to talk about a great tip for creating a voice message. I particularly like the mirror captured in the background showing Chris recording this in one of his many hotel rooms.
good advice, summarized - Busting the Top 3 Guest Blogging Myths  
Guest bloggers help foster the learning and sharing that should be one of the key reasons to blog. It is at least a key reason for me. Have you considered expanding your reach with guest bloggers?
1 good idea leads 2 another! - Use This Twitter Hashtag Every Day:  - a bonus for  today
Tim has a good idea and it part of the idea came from Peter Shankman's use of his hashtag #HARO - I like it a whole lot!

What can you share today?
How can you help a friend out today?