Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Inside #the5 Wednesday

Let's see what #the5 can trigger today?

I started with
good morning, time for  today - Running, Walking, Strolling, Fight Hunger 
I have my Twitter feed automatically to Facebook (a good discussion topic during one session at the recent #pcct, should this be auto or not? - no consensus amongst group but strong feelings about it are there on both sides)

Then Glenn Jones chimed in and our dialog continued as shown in the image here:

While that thread is developing, I re-tweeted Paul's tweet
Can they really help your career or are they just words?  
And because it was a retweet, I didn't tag it as #the5 - but did think about the comparison to the "just words" speeches that both Deval Patrick and Barack Obama have made - like minds think alike! Steve Garfield did a good video of the Patrick speech once upon a time (i'll need to go find that one).

Fellow placeblogger, Dave Atkins is moving.
@ with a major update for the Westwood blog - I'm Moving to Roslindale 
What happens with the Westwood Blog is now open, or to pick up a good phrase "the rest remains unwritten!" 

And then #the5 continued with a good posting from Scott Berkun:
"Dangerous phrases like this demand disarming: The fallacy of “They Don’t Get It”  @ with 
I ran out of room to tag Steven Dill's post as part of #the5
"This mental recreation of recalling the experience of working with this individual" Do You Give Good Recommendations? 
Found the next inspiration from TechCocktail which lead to a post on the Job Search Jam Sessions blog for today
"Turns out there wasn’t, so they created Foodie Registry" How Foodie Registry Dove Into $20 Billion Wedding Industry 
Found Aldon posting about CT Senate candidates and remembered that one of them had participated in PodCamp Connecticut last weekend, which meant that I checked him in (and didn't know it at the time!)
"Do you know who is running where you live?" How Many U.S. Senate Candidates in CT Can You Name?  
The folks at Common Craft are working with Lego on a new video
cool collaboration - simple things done simply become great - Working with LEGO  - why didn't I think of that? 

Jai-Ne Duane writes about women in the Catholic Church and how that could change that institution
from @ we find - 5 Ways Female Priests in the Catholic Church Would Change the World  
This last one is good food for thought and with time just ticking away, I need to run before I am late for the remainder of the day's events!

What can you share today?