Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Inside #the5 Wednesday

Wow, just noticed the stats as I came to post this. 3300 posts here and 4300 on Franklin Matters! How cool to have hit the 300 mark on both blogs the same day. Could you have planned that? I certainly didn't.

This is also a good segue to today's theme "personal".  Make your introductions personal. Connect the time you met the person or last worked with the person. Give them a reason to remember you. Business is personal after all!

business is personal  make your interactions a good personal experience!  

I know and understand a number of folks are open networkers. They will accept and encourage connections from any number of folks. There is power in the network. The real power in the network is not in the overall number but in the quality of the number you have. One prominent open networker refused to forward a couple of introductions as "they really didn't know them too well." For someone on the job search, that was not a helpful answer. I'll side with quality over quantity!

You Have 15k+ LinkedIn Connections? Sucker!!!!!  - me, yes quality over quantity! 

I did a podcast with George and MaryLynn of Bigg Success on "Location, Location, Location" and how it matters to your social media strategy just as much as it did in the old school of marketing. The same theme is picked up here in this posting. If you know your customers and know them well, go to where they are. Provide your information via traditional (old school) and social media tools!

How to Integrate Social Media With Traditional Media  me - where is your audience? 

Speaking of old school, how about going back to your childhood, or perhaps when raising your kids and the Old MacDonald Farmer song?

What Old McDonald Can Teach You About Social Media me - yes, e i e i o has a message! 

Back to new school and the future. I recall hearing that over 50% of the phones now in use are smart phones. The percent is increasing each day. The opportunity is there for having a mobile presence. How can you use that? Can you make an app for what you do? Can you help service the folks who have a smart phone but don't currently utilize it to the potential?

Mobile Apps, The Platform of the Future  me: how can you prepare to rise with the mobile tide? 

And just because, here is a bonus link to share today. More ways to obtain information from the Twitterverse!

3 Alternative Ways to Find Great Content to Share on Twitter  me: bonus  just because!

What can you share today?