Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Inside #the5 Tuesday

good morning, time for , @ hangs out a sign - Help Wanted: Designer for my next book 

Scott Berkun is starting out a new book adventure, he has hired an editor and now looking for a designer. It sounds like it will be a good journey.

"forcing me to see what is there, not what I think is there" book tour in watercolor - connecticut sky  

Part of a journey is going from here to there. Along the way, you know something of where you are but may not know anything of where you want to be or where you are going. Step outside the circle or fishbowl, every once in a while to take a look see.

"inability to sell your house keep's you from taking a job elsewhere" Frictionless Friction Theory  

Stuck. Some folks seem stuck more so than others. Some folks recognize that they are stuck and take action. Kudos to them for taking action. What are you waiting for?

"ways that social good is happening through social media" - Social+Good  via @  @

The presentation buried in a link in this posting is a good summary on using social media for social good.

The Map is not the Territory: The IT-World Anno 2010  me: great graphic - what's your world look like? 

The map is a great visual. It tells a great story. What does your map look like?